Pet Owners To Blame For Fat Pets!

I read this story, and had to have a real conversation with myself... Am I causing my pet to gain weight? She dose beg more than before... You may feel guilty like I do now :-( .. But the good news Hershey has lost 3 pounds... This is a good read if you have pets!

The Bottom Line: Survey finds most animal owners give into the beg, making their animals fat!

There’s no doubt that we all love our pets, and most people love to spoil them rotten, especially when it comes to slipping them a treat here and there. But all those treats are adding up to some very overweight animals, and it’s become a real problem.

A new poll finds that half of dog and cat owners admit they give their animals food if they beg for it, while another 25% say they overfeed their pet at times because it makes them happy. And that's resulting in a lot of fat pets. Believe it or not, some estimates suggest that 59% of dogs and 52% of cats worldwide are overweight, although owners don’t even realize it. In fact, the survey finds that only 25% of dog and pet owner believe their pet is overweight, which shows how big the disconnect is.

The big issue is that owners don’t realize how bad it is to overfeed one’s pet. The reality is that over 60% of animal owners don’t know that overweight pets are more likely to get diabetes and suffer from orthopedic issues, which will reduce their quality of life, and increase their risk of heart disease and shorter life spans.


Yolanda Neely

Yolanda Neely

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